Our Mission

BSA wants to be a point of reference for the Customers who are looking for a serious and professional partnership to fullfill their needs in the sector of sheet metal molded parts.

The customer is always at the center of our attention, and we are constantly focused on satisfying his needs in terms of quality, price, service. For this reason, the relationship we want to establish is always direct and strongly "human".

Our Staff

BSA favors job stability and the continuous professional growth of all its collaborators who are constantly involved in the various projects.

"... I know which Customer I'm working for, I know his needs and I have the training and tools to best satisfy him ..."

Our Organization

BSA occupies a covered area of 3000 m2 to which are added large service areas. A special department is dedicated to each type of processing carried out.

The layout is designed to optimize the working phases and offer the Customer maximum competitiveness.

Our Numbers

  • We produce 50 million pieces every year for 100 customers
  • We have on average 200 tons of raw material to be molded in stock
  • In our warehouse we have 500 molds and tools with which we can produce over 600 items.

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